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Geo Necro
21 August 2019

Geo Necro is a contemporary art exhibition that explores themes of fantasy, magic, and the performative transcendence of role-playing games. The exhibition is an expansive collaborative project that brings artworks by 88 national and international contemporary artists together to create a fantastic, collectively imagined dungeon – a fictional lair replete with anomalous architecture, labyrinthine corridors, inhuman inhabitants, treasures, magic, cryptic horror, allies, and foes. These artists were invited to represent things found in the halls and catacombs of Geo-Necro, resulting in a collection of 155 small artworks. In conjunction with the exhibition, these artworks have been compiled into a cohesive exquisite corpse of a publication similar to an adventure module from the classic fantasy role playing game Dungeons and Dragons. Annotated with historical narrative and simulated statistics and data, this publication transmutes the exhibited artworks into a playable setting for a Role Playing Game, and consists of a box set including 2 zines, a foldout dungeon, a deck of 155 unique cards, a pencil, and a 20-sided die. Edition of 200.

Curated by Casey Jex Smith and Ryan Browning and exhibited at ADA Gallery in Richmond, VA, USA in May 2016. With performance by Casey Jex Smith.

Participating artists:
Aaron Delamatre, Alessandro Keegan, Alex Kvares, Allan Ludwig, Amanda Smith, Amy Boone-McCreesh, Andrew Ho, Angela Washko, Ashley Lande, Ben Furgal, Ben Marcus, Bill Donovan, Bjorn DeBear, Christopher Channing Daniels, Clarissa Gregory, Dan Hernandez, Daniel Cantrell, David Jien, Diego Lazzarin, Eric Edvalson, Eric Johnston, Eske Kath, Evie Falci, Fatma Al-Remaihi, Gary Kachadourian, Gian Pierotti, Greg Caldwell, Harrison Stewart, Helene Jeudy, Jacob Haupt, Jade Townsend, Jamie Brett Treadwell, Jared Lindsay Clark, Jeff Eisenberg, Jeff Ladouceur, Jeffrey Beebe, Jesse Bransford, Jesse Payne, Jimmy Joe Roche, Joey Parlett, Kara Joslyn, Kate Ferencz, Kevin Bailey, Kyle Field, Kymia Nawabi, Lane Milburn, Lee Herpy, Leif Low-Beer, Leo Eguiarte, Louis Schmidt, Maddison Colvin, Maj Anya DeBear, Marci Washington, Mark Mulroney, Mark Sengbusch, Masanori Ushiki, Mat Brinkman, Matt Coors, Matt Furie, Matt Jones, Matt Lock, Matthias Geisler, Mitchell Johnson, Morgan Blair, Nick Borelli, Pete Toms, Rachel Cohn, Rachel Stallings, Rachell Sumpter, Rebecca Chaperon, Roberto Masso, Ruel Brown, Ryan Travis Christian, Sam Guillet, Sean McCarthy, Serena Cole, Seth Scriver, Shay Semple, Spencer Hawkes, Taylor Anne Wilkes, Ted Mineo, Tim Hutchings, Todd Chilton, Tyrone Davies, William Powhida, and Zach Ziemann.